7 Ways to Style Your Designer Bean Bag in Your Home

Today’s designer bean bags can add a fun and stylish element to a home while also being practical. You can display them in unique ways to enhance your décor. The bean bags from Luxe Loungers are high-end products that can complement many areas of your home. Here are some suggestions that will help you style your bean bags in a new way:

Create an Outdoor Seating Area With Designer Bean Bags

With the water-resistant bean bags from Luxe Loungers, you can create an inviting and comfortable space on your patio or back deck. Try grouping three or four bean bag chairs around a bean bag ottoman that serves as a coffee table. Our ottomans are sturdy enough to hold a tray of drinks or food. The bean bag chairs are comfortable enough to sink into and hold their shape to create a more relaxed outdoor living space. These chairs are also water resistant and can withstand the outdoor environment.

Make the Chairs a Focal Point

Instead of treating them like an afterthought, use the bean bag chairs as a focal point in the room. Place them in front of the fireplace or tv to create a warm space. Place them in front of a large window or group of windows for an open feeling. When paired with other aesthetic elements, these chairs can help create an elegant or casual vibe in the room.

Set Up a Conversation Area

Many homes have small areas in the dining or living room that don’t seem to have a purpose. It may be in a corner or by a window where it’s not large enough to put a sofa or dining table. You can create a quiet conversation area with two bean bag chairs and a small ottoman. This space can serve as a separate seating area when you entertain large groups. You can use it as your own private reading spot or for other hobbies.

Add Designer Bean Bags as Extra Seating

Leather bean bag chairs from Luxe Loungers are elegant and fit in well with other luxury furniture in your home. You can choose a dark brown, tan, or cream shade to go with your décor. When you put these pieces into your living room, they complement the rest of your furnishings. Set them up around your other chairs or sofa to look like they are part of the grouping.

Create a Unique Look with Unusual Styles

Make your bean bag chairs a focal point by verifying that they look different from your other décor. A triangle-shaped chair will stand out from traditional chairs. If your furniture is dark, a cream ottoman will capture attention. If your other seating pieces are made of leather, a sheepskin bean bag chair can draw your eye and create a special area for design elements.

Utilize a Small Space With Bean Bag Chairs

For a small home or a small room, bean bag chairs are an ideal way to optimize the space. Instead of using large, bulky furniture that takes up all the room, bean bag chairs and ottomans can create an inviting area for your guests. The bean bags do not take up a lot of space. You can keep accessories smaller as well, such as end tables and lamps, to help with your spacing needs. When you consider scale with all your pieces, the bean bag chairs fit perfectly in the space.

Add the Right Accessories

To make your bean bag chairs part of your overall décor, include them in the rest of your decorating. Choose an area rug in the same shade as the chairs. Choose an end table that matches the color or provides an interesting contrast. Select fake or natural plants in a smaller size and keep other accessories at the right size to allow the seating to be the focal point. Don’t forget to incorporate throws and pillows just like you would in traditional seating. You can get comfortable with a blanket and a good book in these luxury bean bag chairs.

Choose the Right Bean Bag Chair for Your Home

Luxury bean bags are perfectly at home in high-end living rooms and master suites. Made of quality materials and filled with special foam for comfort, the designer bean bags from Luxe Loungers can enhance any space. Modern and chic homes can be upgraded with unique bean bags.

You can shop our wide selection of products with your choice of materials, from leather to sheepskin to burlap. These chairs and ottomans come in a range of sizes and fit in almost any space. As you spend more time at home, you want to create a space that is relaxing and stylish. Check out Luxe Loungers and the selection of bean bag chairs and poufs to find items that suit your home and personality. We are here to provide you with high-end home decor elements.

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