Upgrade Your Poolside Lounging With Luxury Bean Bags and Ottomans

The bean bag has evolved into a symbol of pure relaxation - and it's no longer exclusive to indoor living. If your idea of a good time is lounging by the pool and soaking up the sun (same here), why not add a poolside luxury beanbag

There's nothing wrong with enjoying serenity and high-end style at the same time. Let's explore how to upgrade your pool scene with Luxe Loungers for a summer or year full of memories. 

The Cali Set: Perfect to Enjoy by the Pool

When it comes to poolside lounging, not all bean bags are created equal. Choosing Luxe Loungers means knowing what sets our products apart and how we've designed them to be poolside-friendly. 

Our water-resistant collection, The Cali Set, is made to be enjoyed outside and comes in black and grey colors to suit your style. Here's what makes them different than other bean bags: 

Made from Polyester and Thick Waterproof Membrane: Material matters. Our outdoor sets use polyester with a thick waterproof membrane. 

Mold Resistant: Mold is never fun, and certainly not welcome at your pool party. Luckily, the Cali Set says 'no thanks' to mold growth, keeping things fresh season after season.

Double-Stitched for Durability: Got kids or pets? No problem. Double stitching means these bags can take whatever fun you throw their way without falling apart.

Comfortable Dimensions: Our bean bag chair dimensions hit that sweet spot at 40″ x 42″, while the ottoman gives ample room at 36″ x 36″ x 16″—perfect for stretching out those legs or even sharing space (if you’re feeling generous).

The Magic of Enjoying Luxury Bean Bags by the Pool

The beauty of Luxe Loungers isn't just how they look (though they are quite attractive). They're also versatile and easy to move, unlike clunky lounge chairs.

When dreaming up your perfect poolside oasis, there are plenty of ways to use our outdoor luxury bean bags and ottmans as centerpieces. 

Tiki Vibes: Set up a pair of bean bags next to tiki torches or under a hut for that vacation feel – no passport required, but tropical drinks are recommended.

Conversation Corner: Create a circle of bean bags near the pool area so you have plenty of seating for pool parties. The adults will have a place to enjoy each other's company while still keeping an eye on the kiddos while they swim. 

Catch Rays While You Read: Curl up in your Luxe Lounger when you want to devour a good book by the pool. Set up an ottoman next to you for the perfect spot to set your book when you need to take a dip. 

Poolside Nap: It won't be hard to nap by the pool in your luxury bean bag. Close your eyes, listen to the sounds of the water, and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Light Up: Hang soft LED lights over your pool fence or on poles surrounding your bean bags to create an enchanting nighttime swimming or stargazing experience.

Multipurpose Ottoman: Set your luxury ottoman in a convenient spot to hold personal items like your phone, towel, or even a plate of snacks while you swim. They'll be safer on an elevated surface than right next to the pool where they could get splashed or even knocked in entirely!

Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Luxe Lounger

Once your Cali Set bean bags and ottoman arrive, they won't require too much maintenance. But there are a few things you can do to keep them in pristine condition so they last a long time.

  1. We recommend putting the bean bags "away" for the day in a covered area when you're done using them to avoid sun or rain damage.
  2. They are water-resistant, but not waterproof. In other words, they're safe by the poolbut not in the pool
  3. Fend off mildew by wiping off the bean bags after they get wet.
  4. Protective covers are a good idea, especially if you have kids or pets who will enjoy the pool and beanbags.

The Cleaning Routine

A spill doesn't have to spell disaster. For most messes, a little soap and water will do the trick. The key here is to use gentle cleaners, never harsh chemicals.

When it's time to put your Luxe Loungers away for a longer period of time (like winter), make sure they are completely dry first.

Say Yes to Luxury Poolside Living

You deserve to upgrade your poolside relaxation with luxury bean bags - the epitome of comfort and style. Whether you're soaking up the sun, catching up on reading, or enjoying a nap by the water, Luxe Loungers offer the perfect blend of serenity and sophistication. 

With durable materials designed for outdoor use and easy maintenance, your poolside oasis is just a bean bag away from becoming a year-round haven of relaxation and memories.

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