How to Win with Affiliate Marketing as an Interior Designer

We believe it is pretty much insane not to make money in your sleep. We know money doesn’t grow on trees but it does grow in affiliate marketing opportunities! If you are an Interior Designer then this is pretty much a no brainer to partner with brands you love and make a little, or a lot of, extra cash on the side. There is a little bit more to this process than just slapping a link out there in your insta stories, social posts and blogs. This additional method of passive income allows you to grow your brand and increase your reach while keeping to your core values around brands and products you love at the same time.

Is affiliate marketing really worth the little bit of extra time to set up? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We’re here to share the ins and outs of affiliate marketing for interior designers because we believe it’s a powerful tool in business for you… and for us brands. It’s win/win. We are going to share more about what affiliate marketing is and what strategy to have around it so it doesn’t have to be a headache.

What is Affiliate Marketing?  

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission when your customers buy through your affiliate partner program link. When you sign up for a program you will receive a unique link that tracks referrals from you to the site. You earn the commission when an item is purchased through your link and get paid out at the agreed upon time through the program.

How to Find Affiliates to Promote?
Doing a quick search for affiliate marketing or partner programs on the brand websites that you love is a great place to start. There truly are a lot of programs out there but you also want to be sure that these programs align with your values and vision and are a fit for you. You want to be sure to be picky on this one because you want to be sure you’re sharing quality products and that the program works for you and your time. You are putting your name behind this and you are influencing the purchasing decision of your customers and social followers.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing for Interior Designers: 

There are many benefits to affiliate marketing for interior designers. The affiliate commissions can range anywhere from 5% and up. Depending on the brand and over time that is a nice revenue stream for you in addition to your regular offerings. Affiliate marketing can elevate your brand to levels you’ve not seen before depending on the brands that you partner with.

Developing Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy:

As an interior designer you want to decide on what products and brands you believe in and how you want to promote them. Are you adding them in your reels, blog posts or Pinterest boards? You get to decide what works to build into your editorial calendar and social media strategy. There is nothing better than using products you love in the work you are doing and using the photos you’re taking to promote them!

As an Affiliate Partner with Luxe Loungers we are always here to help you get the process flowing and will support you in your creative process. You have full access to all of our promotional materials to get you started. 

There’s a ton of ways you can make this work for your business. Are you currently working with an Affiliate Partner/Program? If so, how are you using affiliates currently? Let me know in the comments!

Introducing Luxe Loungers Affiliate Marketing Program:

For luxury interior designers interested in affiliate marketing, Luxe Loungers is a great partner! What do we offer our approved partners?

10-12% Commission on our high ticket items adds up quite quickly!

Plus, we can also seamlessly work with all the most pertinent digital marketing tools and social media platforms, such as:

  • Email Newsletters
  • Blog Posts
  • Instagram (Grid or Swipe up from Stories)
  • Captions of Youtube Videos
  • Linktree within your Instagram Bios
  • Pinterest

We are here to help you with your creative process! For interior designers looking to get started with high end affiliate marketing, signing up with Luxe Loungers will not only improve your bottom line but will also add a unique line to your brand.

The future of affiliate marketing is rising, and interior designers will increasingly get to forge relationships with the vendors they like to work with and negotiate deals that make sense for both the design and the vendor businesses. Interior designers working today will be pioneers in the space of luxury affiliate marketing!

Interested in getting started with Luxe Loungers? Please go  here  to sign up.

**** Please note that you are not automatically signed up. We will review your information and get back to you within 2-3 business days! 

Affiliate Marketing not your jam? That’s ok! We have an extensive Trade Partner Program for you. Sign up here to receive 25% off upon approval.

Tina Xo 

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