Can I Put My Designer Bean Bag Outdoors?

Beanbag chairs have varied indoor and outdoor applications. You can find unique materials and fillings, so not all options are perfect for outdoor conditions. Some materials get wet and require thorough cleaning, while others are ideal for outdoor elements. At Luxe Loungers, we provide premium quality designer bean bags you can use inside or outside the house. Before you put a beanbag chair outside, consider if the design is optimized for such surroundings.

Using Designer Bean Bags Outdoors

At Luxe Loungers, we provide beanbag chairs for different outdoor spaces. Our bean bags are used in cafes, wineries, schools, corporate branding events, camping/glamping, libraries, and art galleries. You can also find comfy bean bags to create a relaxing outdoor space in your backyard and patios. Bean bags suit many outdoor uses, including bars, clubs, and resort beaches. Here are four things to consider before using your designer bean bags outdoors:

1.      Material Quality

Luxe Loungers provides a wide range of bean bag materials. You can order beanbag chairs made of leather, sheep skin, wool, bamboo, vegan leather, and more. Materials like wool and fluffy fabrics are more suited to indoor use. Waterproof Polyester beanbag chairs can survive outdoor applications. They’re more resilient and easier to clean and maintain. When ordering bean bags online, stick to designs meant for outdoor use.

At Luxe Loungers, we use premium quality materials so that you can find genuine leather and sheepskin. Our beanbag chairs come in various colors, including chocolate, tobacco, tan, black, white, beige, cream, smoke, and more. You’ll also find unique styles like pear, Cali set, indulger, and eco-lush. We have beanbag chairs optimized for outdoor use in residential, commercial, and corporate settings. Our collection also features indoor bean bags.

2.      Finish & Maintenance

Some beanbag chairs have delicate finishes and materials that don’t stain easily. Using such bean bags outdoors can increase your maintenance requirement. Regular cleaning with harsh agents also damages the fabrics and finishes. At Luxe Loungers, we provide outdoor bean bags with tough and smooth finishes. Our outdoor beanbag chairs are stain-resistant and easy to clean. You can quickly wipe down spills and dirt without thorough cleaning.

Some models feature delicate materials but clean off effortlessly through vacuuming. You can also find bean bags with removable covers that you can throw in the laundry machine. The best outdoor bean bags have low-maintenance materials and finishes. You can use the chair outside without worrying about the cleaning requirement. We recommend using covers and keeping your bean bags indoors during the rainy and winter seasons.

3.      Outdoor Attributes

Luxe Loungers provides outdoor bean bags that meet specific attributes needed on every outdoor chair. The type of fabric dictates most outdoor characteristics. We provide smudge-proof, damp-proof, chemical-free materials that comply with all requirements. Our outdoor bean bags don’t contain harmful substances or allergens, so they’re safe for indoor and outdoor use. The fabrics are also durable and ecological. We only use high-quality materials.

It would be best if you had waterproof bean bags that are easy to clean. The dirt and spills will come off effortlessly with a damp cloth. You can also look for materials and finishes that can survive pet nails and teeth. Consider the filling used and its attributes against outdoor elements. Choose fabrics that don’t absorb moisture and are quick to dry. Luxe Loungers can help you find the perfect outdoor beanbag chairs, materials, and colors for your space.

Tips For Using Your Outdoor Bean Bag

Beanbag chairs offer comfort, luxury, and style. You can use them to create inviting outdoor spaces and have many custom options. When purchasing outdoor designer beanbag chairs, stick to options specified for outdoor use. Some bean bags are strictly meant for indoor use and will get damaged if exposed to rain, storm, UV, and other outdoor elements. Below are two more tips for using and caring for your outdoor bean bags:

Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

The care your bean bags demand will depend on the fabric. Quilted outside fabrics require regular cleaning with damp cloths since they’re not machine washable. Luxe Loungers has various material options so that you can find machine-washable covers. Stick to the cleaning instructions that come with the bean bags and covers. Check the ideal laundry temperatures and recommended cleaning agents. It would be best if you also wiped off spills as soon as you notice them.

Store Them in a Safe Place

To keep your bean bags in good condition, store them in a secure place away from inclement weather. While they are perfectly fine to be used outside, any exposure to harsh elements can damage the material. Our waterproof chairs can be left outside all year long, but even those will begin to fade in color after excess exposure to sunlight. The best way to preserve your luxury bean bags is to make sure they are in an area where the temperature and humidity levels do not fluctuate too much.

Buy Quality Outdoor Bean Bags

Your designer bean bags are as reliable as the vendor who provides them. If you choose Luxe Loungers, you’re guaranteed higher-end products. Our bean bags help people with back problems and offer comfort and aesthetics. We’re a women-owned and operated company that provides durable, comfortable, reliable beanbag chairs and poufs.

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