10 Vancouver Interior Designers You Must Follow

We got a little spendy with our time recently and found ourselves getting lost in the Instagram feeds of many amazing Vancouver Interior Designers. There is so much careful thought and attention that goes into these projects and they all stand out from each other by capturing the essence of what their clients are asking for. Links included because we just can’t do them all justice and you’ll want to be in the know. We can hardly honour them all in one article but we’ve rounded up 10 Vancouver interior designers you must follow, here. 

Image credit: Tracy Ayton

In no particular order… 

Victoria McKenney Enviable Designs
We’re swooning over comfort and design over at Enviable Designs. Truly the detail and attention they put into their spaces is a remarkable blend of styles. Follow them here.  P.S. We love the photography work of Tracey Ayton, too.
Kelly Deck Design 

The work of Kelly Deck Design has us dreaming of spaces to come. When we first came across this Instagram feed we were drawn to the attention to detail in the many different styles shown. Truly carried off with grace and ease. Follow them here. 

Falken Reynolds Interiors 

Timeless everyday living spaces that begged to be lived in?  Yes please! You can get lost in the instagram feed of Falken Reynolds Interiors not only for these amazing homes they’ve created but stylish lofts and vacation properties as well. Follow them  here.


Sharing not only their work, but that of others that they love, Area3 Design caught our eye because of the class of a recent project. Each image drew us into the space and had us planning many evenings of entertaining in luxury.  Follow them here.

Tanya Krpan

This feed was a fun find for us because we enjoyed seeing the beautiful spaces and play with light. The tiling and textures of various rooms we scrolled had us dreaming away. We noticed that TKDC offers full-scope design projects and e-design. Follow them here.

Jamie Banfield  

Modern luxury at its finest over at Jamie Banfield. We have a crush on this instagram feed and the award winning designer behind these luxe amazing spaces. They’re truly bringing ‘dreamed of details’ to life in the work that they do. Follow them here.

AK Design Vancouver

Unique spaces that work is the name of the design game over at AK Design Vancouver. We thoroughly enjoy the freshness of their feed and thoughtful attention to detail. We skipped over to the website to discover more luxury magic for residential, commercial and development. Follow them here.

Ariane Design Co

From tiling to flooring to wall mouldings Arian Design Co delights the eye in the details. We love her careful explanation through her feed of different design element choices. She creates  truly beautiful and functional spaces. Follow them here.

Megan Baker Interiors 

New builds, renovations and single space updates? Megan Baker Interiors has you covered. We enjoy this feed for the careful placement of pieces in a room that also hold true to the natural lighting that invites you even deeper into the space …right from your instagram feed. Follow them here.

Style Haven Interior Design    

We LOVE this feed because we find it fun and functional. There is careful attention to detail you can tell but also a charming simplicity that speaks of a luxury all its own. Custom millwork, specialty lighting and local natural stone have us infatuated with the wine cellar in her recent project. Follow them here.

With a luxury and class all their own we hope you’ve enjoyed discovering some ‘new to you’ Vancouver interior designers here. We would love to hear some of your favourites in the comments below.

Tina Xo

P.S. We started a Luxe List over the holidays for great places to gift shop. You can read all about them here.

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