How To Keep Your Luxury Bean Bag Chair Feeling Brand New

Poufs and bean bag chairs offer comfort, versatility, and aesthetics. At Luxe Loungers, we provide high-end bean bag products that can last several years. You can also find ways to keep your luxury bean bag chair feeling brand new. Fluffing is one of the popular solutions. You can also add extra filling to the bean bag. Cover replacements may also be useful. Here are four tips to help you keep luxury poufs and bean bags feeling brand new:

1. Choose a Premium Bean Bag Chair

The only way to keep your luxury bean bag chair feeling new is if you purchase quality. Some poufs and bean bags feature low-quality covers, filling, and construction. Such options will be difficult to maintain because cheap quality isn’t durable. Luxe Loungers provides premium-quality bean bags made using a unique blend of foam. You can choose from multiple cover options, including leather, vegan leather, cotton, wool, bamboo, and more.

Good-quality chairs and materials are more resilient to daily wear and tear. A pouf’s comfort depends on the filling, cover, and design. Some fillings get squished much faster, making your bean bag flat. Other materials, like our proprietary foam, can maintain structure and keep air trapped for up to a year before you need to fluff the chair or add more filling. Depending on how often you use your beanbag chair will determine how soon you may need to add extra filling. We have a good selection of bean bag chairs and premium materials, so you can find the best fit.

2. Unzip & Clean Your Bean Bag

Your bean bag chairs have unique designs, but you’ll find a luxury cover with a childproof zipper on each. You should open the cover in a safe environment away from children or pets. If the bean bag features a secondary inner liner, you can unzip it too. Unzipping the bean bag chair can increase fluffiness as more air enters the foam filling.

You can also clean the cover of the bag. Cleaning restores the new appeal of your covers while more air makes the bean bags fluffier and more comfortable. Make sure you follow the cleaning instruction we provide with our bean bag chairs. Some covers require more delicate approaches like vacuuming and wiping to protect the finish. Others need light soap and water to get rid of dirt buildup.

3. Fluff Your Bean Bag

Bean bag fluffing is one of the popular recommendations for fixing flat filling. Our bean bags feature strong foam filling with the air spaces intact at purchase. Over prolonged use, the air spaces may become squished, and some of the packed air is lost. The bean bag may eventually become flat if left without fluffing. Fluffing is a simple technique anyone can achieve.

Shake or roll the bean bag chair to fluff up the foam filling. The shaking and rolling will reactivate and refill the air pockets in the beans, allowing them to regain their original shape. You should check for fluffiness regularly to determine the right time to fluff. If it still looks flat after you’ve fluffed, keep going to achieve maximum activation. Luxe Loungers bean bag chairs and poufs are easy to fluff and feature simple instructions.

4. Add More Filling or Replace the Chair

After years of use, fluffing may not work to revive your chair. You may need to add more filling. You can add the same foam to your bean bag chairs to bring back the brand-new feeling. Adding filling stimulates the air pockets in the filler, making the chair appear big and feel new. You’ll also add extra years to the life of the chair by adding more foam.

If you’ve tried fluffing and adding extra filling to no avail, you may need to replace your luxury bean bag chair. Our chairs are built to last, but after years of use, they may begin to go flat. We have a wide range of options to help you choose the perfect fit to replace your beloved piece of furniture. You can stick with the same material or try something different to change the look of the room.

Luxury Bean Bag Chair Designer

If you love bean bag chairs, we can help you find high-end products designed for comfort and aesthetics. Our bean bag chairs may help with back problems and relaxation. We also design beautiful poufs and bean bags that blend with your interior and exterior décor. We’re the company to call when you need to purchase a luxury bean bag chair.

Our collection spans different categories, materials, and colors, so you can find the perfect fit for your décor. Luxe Loungers also provides high-quality designs that will give you more years of service. Our company and designer are focused on delivering comfort with unique high-end bean bag chairs. We also have ottomans, poufs, burlaps, dog beds, and more.

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