3 Reasons To Give Your Loved One a Designer Bean Bag

Designer bean bags are more than a designer product to be bought just for looks. At Luxe Loungers, we offer bean bag chairs with styles that can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Here are a few different reasons to give your loved ones a designer bean bag chair: 

1. Comfort Is Key

Our designer bean bags are stylish as well as comfortable. We design our bean bags for optimal comfort. The products we carry are designed to provide support for those who may have back issues. When you sit in a normal chair, your back pain may increase. While sitting in a bean bag chair, these issues may be lessened which can then increase comfort.

Our bean bag chairs provide comfort by:

  • Conforming to your body and not the other way around. Bean bag chairs can meld to your natural posture. This makes it so you do not need to move your spine in an uncomfortable position. 
  • Supporting your back and spine is another way that designer bean bag chairs provide comfort. Regular chairs are not as supportive on the lower back. Bean bag chairs support the entirety of the back and spine. 
  • Helping reduce back pain by aligning your spine. Bean bag chairs do this by helping to align the whole spinal column and assisting in better posture. 
  • Keeps feet on the floor. By adjusting your posture, our bean bag chairs keep your feet on the floor. When your feet are on the floor, your joints and muscles are also aligned. This can help relieve pressure on the joints, neck, and nerves. 
  • Relaxes the body. The soft material our bean bags are made from allows for optimal relaxation by reducing stress on the back or neck. Regular chairs may not be as comfortable due to the material they are made from. 

Many people spend several hours a day sitting in a chair. When you choose our designer bean bag chairs for your loved ones, you are giving them the gift of comfort. Back and neck pain can be noticeable as you sit in a stiff chair throughout the day. The more your loved one chooses to use our bean bag chair, the more likely they are to potentially get some type of relief. 

2. Long Lasting Design

Our bean bag chairs are designed to last your loved one many years. When purchasing any type of furniture, it is key to choose a material that is long-lasting and does not require a lot of maintenance. At Luxe Loungers, we offer several different material options for our bean bag chairs. Here are some of our long-lasting materials you can choose from: 

Bamboo-Wool Blend: This blend of material is handwoven and stitched. We use dhurrie wool and bamboo. The two materials blend together well for a long-lasting bean bag chair. 

Jute: This material is a strong option for bean bag chairs. It is ready to combat any wear and tear it may come across. 

Leather: Leather is known for being a long-lasting material. Our leather bean bags are made with strong top stitching to endure for a longer time than other stitches. Upkeep on leather is easy and continues to give a stylish look in any setting. 

Vegan Leather: If your loved one would prefer to opt for a vegan option, we’ve got you covered. Our vegan leather bean bag chairs are created to be strong, just like regular leather. 

Your loved one will appreciate the long-lasting durability of our designer bean bag chairs. Each bag is filled with virgin polystyrene beads and memory foam. Due to the durable nature of these materials, you do not have to worry about refilling your bean bag.

3. Stylish, Luxurious, and More

Another reason to give your loved one a designer bean bag chair is because of its versatile design. Our bean bag chairs come in a variety of styles and colors. No matter the material you choose, it will feel luxurious and can help enhance any room. Take the time and effort to choose a luxurious bean bag chair for your loved one. Our fabrics are one-of-a-kind and top-of-the-line. This makes our bean bag chairs stand out while staying stylish throughout the years. 

Designer Bean Bags for Your Loved Ones 

At Luxe Loungers, we offer several different styles of designer bean bag chairs. There are many different reasons that your loved one may enjoy receiving a chair from us. Besides the unique and timeless style of our bean bag chairs, you or your loved one can enjoy the comfort each bean bag can bring. While there are several reasons to give your loved one a designer bean bag, you can also use these reasons to grab one for yourself!  To find out more about our bean bag chairs, ottomans, footstools, dog beds, and patio sets, contact us at Luxe Loungers today.

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