The Art of Lounging: Creating a Cozy Corner with Luxury Bean Bags and Ottomans

There's something about a cozy corner that exudes happiness and a sense of calm. And there's more than one way to create your dream nook, especially when you bring a Luxe Lounger bean bag chair into the picture. 

Discover how you can create the cozy nook of your dreams in your own home, one that beckons you after a long day. All it takes is the right corner and a little vision. With some color-matching and attention to detail, you can make any room pop.

Think throws, cushions, side tables—those little extras—that turn a sitting area into an experience. If space is tight, don't worry; luxury bean bags aren't limited by square footage. Luxe Loungers can work in any size space! 

Ready to start designing? 

Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Luxury Bean Bag

You can transform a room with your Luxe Lounger by finding just the right spot. Think about where you love to unwind – or where you wish you could – if only you had a cozy corner. 

A corner by the fireplace might be just what you need on chilly evenings. The warmth, paired with your bean bag's soft embrace, creates a haven of comfort. Where else would you want to kick back after a long day's work? The Burlap Ecolush or The Luxe in sheepskin would look absolutely gorgeous next to your blazing hearth. 

Perhaps natural light is more your style. Position your Luxe Lounger by a big window to soak in the sun and some great views as you dive into that latest bestseller or sip morning coffee. The Big Pear in tan leather looks striking in the daylight. 

If reading's not just an escape but a passion, consider creating a whole reading nook. Set up The Big Pear and The Footsie next to bookshelves to display all your favorite and future reads—a personal library at arm’s reach from your plush bean bag retreat. 

A bean bag placed strategically in conversation corners sparks intimate chats and laughter-filled gatherings. Park a pair of Luxe Loungers next to each other for a cozy spot to sit and catch up. 

Accessorizing Your Bean Bag for Ultimate Comfort

Think of your luxury bean bag as the canvas and accessories as the paint that brings it to life. Luxe Loungers offers a variety of colors and materials in our bean bags and ottomans so you can go with any mood or style and then find accessories to match. Soft, plush throws are a must; they beg you to snuggle in on chilly evenings. Drape one over the edge for an inviting look.  

Include a floor pillow or cushion to encourage others to join you in your lounge-friendly space. You can go for a color that contrasts your bean bag chair, or something in a similar hue to complement it without stealing the show. 

No cozy corner is complete without somewhere to set down your cup of tea or latest read. An elegant side table is a must. Or, you can use one of our ottomans like The Luxe Cube with a stylish tray on top for a stable place to set your things.

Don't Forget the Right Lighting for Your Lounging Experience

If your luxury bean bag corner is a stage, then lighting is the director. It sets the scene for relaxation or conversation. So choosing the right light fixtures can make a surprising impact on the overall coziness of your corner.

Create a warm glow with ambient lighting that'll invite you to sink into your Luxe Lounger after a long day. Dimmable LED lights let you adjust brightness based on time of day or activity (and they save energy too). For reading, add a floor lamp to prevent eye strain while you dive into your favorite novel.

And don't overlook accent lights. They can highlight your bean bag's texture and color, making it pop against other decor elements in the room. If you're going to design such a lovely lounging spot with your luxury bean bag, you might as well let it shine. Play around with smart bulbs that change colors—you'll get to refresh your space's vibe without redecorating.

Styling Tips for Small Spaces

Even in snug quarters, plush luxury bean bags will make a statement. They're easy to maneuver around and look chic in any space. 

We'd recommend choosing a lighter-colored bean bag to give the illusion of space; soft white and ivory bean bags from Luxe Loungers' collection reflect light beautifully to make small rooms feel airy. Pair them with monochromatic accents to maintain that open vibe without sacrificing style.

Add more depth by layering different materials around your bean bag— faux fur rugs or knitted throws—to create depth without clutter. With clever positioning and smart color choices, even the tiniest nooks become lavish escapes.

Our Luxe Loungers are in Your Corner

Creating your luxury bean bag corner starts with finding that sweet spot. Maybe it's by the fireplace, or perhaps a window nook is calling your name.

You know your style best, so choose the right colors and textures that fit your vibe. And don't forget to dress your bean bag and ottoman up with accessories and the right lighting. Throws, cushions, and side tables are essentials for lounging like royalty.

Your cozy retreat is waiting for you to bring it to life! Find your dream Luxe Lounger today to get started.

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