Staycation Vibes: Creating a Resort-Like Atmosphere With Luxury Bean Bags

You deserve to have a home you can truly relax in. With Luxe Loungers, you can take that relaxation to the next level by creating a space with a paradise appeal. 

Get ready for the staycation of your dreams. No need to pack up your things or find a pet sitter – you can create a relaxing getaway in your own home with the right vision. 

Let’s start planning out your personalized at-home resort, starting with luxury bean bags that will elevate your space.

How to Transform Your Home Into a Staycation Paradise

Everyone has their own definition of paradise. Maybe you picture a sandy beach, a cabin in the mountains, natural hot springs, or exploring the European countryside.

One thing’s for sure: paradise should feel like a place where you can escape and find some zen. So use whatever comes to mind to inspire your staycation.

When thinking about how to make your home more resort-like, your furniture plays a big part. Luxe Loungers are all about comfort without sacrificing style. 

Find the Perfect Spot for Your Bean Bag

Before you choose which color or style to get, it can help to decide exactly where your bean bag will go. Your luxury bean bag deserves to be the star of the show, not an afterthought. 

To get that vacation appeal, you’ll want to create a cozy nook that really feels like an escape.

Think about the places in your home that you already find relaxing, like a sunroom or bonus room. Even unused spaces in your bedroom or living room would work.

If it’s a place you could see yourself enjoying a few undisturbed hours in, that’s the perfect spot to set up a bean bag or two. 

Choose a Relaxing Bean Bag Color

No matter what your style is, you can build a resort-like space in your home, starting with our luxury bean bag chairs and ottomans.

Love a dark-and-moody aesthetic? Our genuine leather and vegan leather bean bags come in shades of tan, tobacco, chocolate, and black - so they can blend in with your design or add dimension to a lighter color scheme. 

If you prefer light and airy, we have options in white, ivory, or beige for a more neutral look.

Once you’ve figured out which bean bag you want and where you want to put it, the real fun begins with creating your own piece of paradise.

Play With Fun Lighting

Whether you’re relaxing indoors or outside, atmospheric lighting is a must when you’re on staycation. 

Hang up some bistro or fairy lights to instantly elevate your hangout space. 

For a tropical feel, you could light tiki torches (outdoors) or try LED lanterns and candles for some serious mood lighting.

Even a cozy lamp on a table or ottoman will create a more inviting atmosphere next to your bean bag. 

With all of the fun lighting options available now, it’s simple to get the ambient lighting just right. And in our opinion, you can’t really overdo this part, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Embellish Your Bean Bag With Textures and Patterns

Don’t forget about adding other design and comfort elements to get that resort feel. A faux fur blanket, colorful floor pillows, and some beautiful artwork will help you capture your idea of paradise.

Add a rug for more visual interest and comfort and perhaps a stack of books from your to-read pile. You might even finish one of them while you’re nestled in your bean bag! Time flies when you’re that relaxed.

Experiment with different textures, patterns, and accessories to personalize your staycation experience and make it truly unforgettable.

Music Is a Must

While the look of your at-home resort is important, good music is just as key to creating a zen retreat. 

We recommend setting up a Bluetooth speaker near your beanbag hangout area so you’re instantly greeted with tunes that make you feel happy. 

You can lean into making it a themed staycation by playing some steel drums in the background, or just play whatever puts you in vacation mode. Classic rock, modern pop, soft jazz or classical - this part is totally up to you and what you find the most relaxing. 

Create an Outdoor Oasis With Water-Resistant Bean Bags

Take your outdoor space from an average patio to your dream retreat with the help of luxury bean bags. 

Our water-resistant Cali Set was designed to withstand the elements better so you can enjoy outdoor living more than ever before. 

All you need is a fire pit or outdoor heater, some friends, and perhaps a few bottles of wine to have a great night that feels like you’re on vacation. Okay, maybe some s’mores too (because when in Rome…).

Get Ready for the Staycation of Your Dreams, Starting With Luxe Loungers

If the idea of jetting off to a distant paradise seems out of reach at the moment, you can easily bring the vacation vibes into your home. 

With Luxe Loungers, transforming your space into paradise is not only doable but incredibly rewarding.

By placing your luxury bean bag in a cozy nook or unused space, you can instantly create a serene escape to unwind and recharge. The sheer variety of bean bags and ottomans lets you customize your at-home resort to match your style and preferences.


Careful - if you make your staycation retreat too wonderful, you might never want to leave.

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