Meet the Designer: Bean Bags, Bali and Bliss. A little bit about our luxury bean bag chair company…….

Luxe Loungers was born out of a passion to create high end comfortable furniture that would not only withstand the test of time but would look amazing in your home, office or yard, while doing it! We’ve been manufacturing bean bag chairs for 11 years so we know what it takes to create a magnificent piece of furniture that will be with you for years to come. Everything we use in our products is top-of-the-line!

So, how did I get into designing luxury bean bag chairs you ask? I had been working in the textile industry in another company but due to the financial crisis of 2008 (we held on until 2011) sadly we had to close our doors. Most of our business was in the USA so we slowly lost a lot of our accounts and were forced to shut. I decided that I was long overdue to have a nice long holiday. This was the best time to do it before I jumped back into work (FYI I had no idea what that was going to be). So, I headed to Bali for a month. My favorite spot to relax while I was there was on this one part of the beach where they had a ton of bean bag chairs. Everyone was so relaxed and comfortable and having fun! I thought THIS is what I want to bring back home! I can create a line of luxury bean bag chairs. I can create this relaxation and comfort for everyone. I had worked in textiles and manufacturing for many years so it was a natural fit!

We understand that genuine leather is adored by many but not by all which is why we have brought in our Eco-Friendly line which is all hand-made and made from biodegradable natural yarns. Not only have we taken the time to choose these quality fabrics but we have done multiple tests to see what would be the best fill for our chairs. Comfort and support was our number one goal! We have come up with a very unique solution. Our chairs are a combination of our polystyrene beads AND one other product that we don’t want to spill the beans on! Ya know, it’s our proprietary blend. *Wink* Rest assured the combination of our fill will leave you extremely relaxed and comfortable. We guarantee it!

A little bit about me. Your Luxe Loungers Designer!

My aim is to design timeless chairs with character and comfort. After over 18 years of working for myself in the textile industry I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about what makes a great piece for your home. Everyone wants comfort but no one wants to sacrifice style. I have put a lot of thought into each style before bringing it to you. I feel that a good design will be shown in the details and will be a part of your home for years to come. The craftsmanship of our chairs and ottomans will delight you whether it’s a home redecoration project you’re working on or outfitting your hotel lounge or office space. We have something for everyone and also offer a customized Luxe Loungers Trade Program.

Outside of design I am passionate about giving back and working with multiple charities.  I have always had a huge desire to give back. I see myself in my retirement years travelling and doing charity work with children. Until then, Luxe Loungers is giving back 1% of sales to CAN Network, Canucks Autism Network, an organization close to my heart. On top of that we will also be donating one chair to a person on the spectrum for every twenty chairs sold.

I love to travel and spent five years in my early twenties backpacking around the world. In the winter you will find me up in the mountains skiing and in the summer hiking and running.

I’ve often been asked what ONE piece of advice you could give to others going on the same journey, what would it be?

“Don’t put pressure on yourself to get there overnight. Enjoy the ride. As long as you believe in what you are doing and surround yourself with the right people then you will get there.”

My hope is that every piece of Luxe Lounger’s furniture brings beauty to your home as well as a comfortable place to relax and unwind with friends and family….. After all that’s really what matters most.

With Love,