The Indulger - Bamboo/Wool - Beige

The Indulger - Bamboo/Wool - Beige


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The elegant look of this dhurrie bamboo and wool bean bag chair is sure to catch everyone’s eye. No detail has been spared when it comes to this teardrop chair.

Each of our wool bean bag chairs are handmade and hand stitched giving you truly a one-of-a-kind chair. This chair is a thick yet soft textured rug that will hold up and stand the test of time.

Oh, and did we mention that the chair is 100% Eco-Friendly too?

Combine with The Boite wool ottoman to create the ultimate nook for relaxation.

Product Features:

  • High-performance and commercial grade
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Handmade and one-of-a-kind
  • Double stitched for durability
  • Dimensions are 43” x 43” x 47”

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  • Top-Quality Materials

    We're all about quality at Luxe Loungers. Whether it's genuine leather, the finest vegan options, or eco-friendly fabrics you're after, we've got it. Our pieces are built to last and are kind to the planet.

  • Adaptable Designs

    Our bean bags aren't just comfy; they're chameleons! Designed to blend seamlessly with any interior style—from sleek minimalism to vibrant eclecticism—they bring warmth and flair to your space.

  • Universal Comfort

    Crafted for every nook and cranny, our versatile bean bags offer unmatched comfort in any setting. Luxury relaxation without design or quality trade-offs is what we stand for.

Our Journey

Luxe Loungers started with a simple goal: bridge the gap in the market for chic yet cozy bean bag chairs that don’t skimp on quality. Our founder leveraged her extensive background in manufacturing to design and craft these right here in Canada. Dive into our world of exceptional seating solutions where elegance meets comfort head-on. With our dedication to customer service, we can guarantee you’ll be happy.

Got Questions?

Bean Bag FAQs

What are the bean bag chairs filled with?

Our bean bag chairs and ottomans are filled with virgin polystyrene beads. There's one more secret ingredient we don’t want to spill the beans on. It is our proprietary blend!

Will I ever need to refill my bean bag chair?

Nope. Each bean bag chair and ottoman are filled to perfection. Our blend is super durable and will maintain their shape.

How do I clean my bean bag chair?

Due to the nature of our fabrics you will find that most of them are stain resistant. If you need to clean your bean bag chair then simply refer to the care and content label on your bean bag chair as every fabric is different. For the most part it is as simple as wiping down the bean bag using a lightly dampened cloth and some mild soap.